Top issues airlines face
when flying pets


High temperature is one of the most critical factors that escalates to a potential DOA.


Pets untrained for kennels combined with the loud, unfamiliar airport environment can be stressful.


It is difficult to be able to check on all pet shipments, all of the time to ensure consistent care.

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Until now.

CarePod’s solution is designed especially for



Pet Owners

With CarePod, our comprehensive solution addresses the needs of all users


CarePod Smart Pods

Designed by pet lovers, vets and airlines. IATA compliant and patent pending.

Airline Command Center

Scalable and enterprise SaaS solution that fits seamlessly into existing airline operations.


Passenger Connect

Passengers remain connected to pets throughout the journey with customisable updates.

First Class Pods
PAWS | Pet Aviation Web Solution

CarePod PAWS: Airline Command Center

Pet Aviation Web Solution (PAWS) is a scalable and enterprise ready solution that fits seamlessly into existing airline operations, providing airlines with:

  • Smart Pod Tracking

  • Incidents & Alerts Monitoring

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Power Data Analytics

CarePod PAWS: Alerts & Incidents

PAWS provides airlines with customized pet incidents and alerts via SMS, email, or via phone to the right contact at the right time before a situation becomes critical. Real time monitoring and deep analytics can help airlines address operational efficiencies and implement data driven process improvements.

CarePod PAWS: Passengers Staying Connected to Pets

A separate and customized passenger portal and passenger alerts system (with SMS and email capability) to update pet owner passengers on key steps throughout the pet journey.

  • Easy Access from Digital Devices

  • Stay Connected to the Pet Journey

  • Instant Notification on Journey Updates

  • Additional Peace of Mind and Comfort

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